Bionet S.r.l. was born up in December 2016 following the award of the T.G.C. headed by Bioener S.p.A. to the tender for the assignment of the construction concession and management of the plant complex for the treatment of O.F.M.S.W. and P.O.F. and ancillary and complementary works in Udine in via Gonars through the project finance tool (according to the technical modalities of article 133 of Legislative Decree 163/2006).

The contracting authority of the tender was Net S.p.A., a company that manages waste collection and treatment in Udine and in more than 80 municipalities in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

What we do

The realization and management of waste selection, treatment and recycling plants.
The energetic exploitation of the organic fraction with the consequent production of electricity and heat through cogeneration.
The energy enhancement of the organic fraction with the production of biogas, biomethane and a digested and stabilized quality compost (fertilizer).

Udine plant

Udine’s project for Net S.p.A. involves the realization of an anaerobic digestion plant for the production of biogas and consequently electricity and biomethane, powered by 35,000 tons/year of Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste (O.F.M.S.W.), 19,000 tons/year of Fraction Organic Putrescible (P.O.F.) and 12,500 tons/year of green waste (EWC 20.02.01). O.F.M.S.W. and P.O.F. will be processed on two distinct and separate lines, in particular the biogas generated by the digestion process of O.F.M.S.W. will be used for biomethane production and the solid digested product will then be started composting along with the green matrix. The biogas resulting from the anaerobic digestion of the P.O.F. will be sent on cogeneration and the solid digested product will be disposed after being biostabilized. The ancillary and complementary works of the plant include the realization of a batch of works that will set up the new headquarters of the Net S.p.A.’s operating services (offices, dressing rooms, multifunctional halls, parking facilities for the building, workshop) and a new access road .

The biomethane in output will be partially compressed and made available in a natural gas distributor for motor vehicles and partially liquefied at a temperature between -120 and -160 ° C using a cryogenic cycle. The plant will supply daily the Net S.p.A. collection equipment.

The liquefied biomethane will instead be transported to third-party distributors through tank wagons.

Electricity produced will be used for self-consumption and placed on the net when it is unnecessary.

The digestate from the line O.F.M.S.W. and green (EWC 20.02.01), after an accelerated maturation period and a final maturation / refining, will be marketed as a quality compost.

A part of the composted from the O.F.M.S.W. line, after maturation, will be sent to a pyrolytic system in order to produce vegetable charcoal. In pyrolysis the material will be converted into biochar.

The financial coverage of the investment is guaranteed both by the provision of a loan by Net S.p.A. and by Bionet S.r.l. which will provide final and executive design, construction and subsequent plant management for a period of 22 years, at this point the plant will become the property of Net S.p.A..

Vista digestori

Rendering vista aerea dell'impianto Bionet di Udine

Net S.p.A. will confer to Bionet S.r.l. the O.F.M.S.W., the P.O.F., the green, resulting from the collection activities of the municipalities belonging to the company. Net S.p.A. will buy from Bionet S.r.l. the biomethane necessary for the supply of its own means.

The implementation of the new plant is integrated and consistent with Net S.p.A company’s business strategies; it will also lead to a complete improvement in the waste treatment activity by enhancing the feed matrices and the quality of the output products.

The plant, running by the end of 2019, will be in Via Gonars (Udine) in the current site of Net S.p.A ..

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Bionet  S.R.L.

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